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Do you see opportunities for developing better technological solutions in education? Are you entrepreneurial enough to turn your own ideas into a prototype / proof of concept with the possibility to use this as a basis for a startup? Then Ed Tech is for you. The world of education, prototyping, validation and entrepreneurship will then be opened to you.

400 years of educational innovation and we still have classrooms, time for innovation. Education takes too few opportunities with Educational Technology. Startups in that area are struggling, which is not good for education. So there is plenty of room to make new exciting technology available in an educational context. Grab this one!

Eric Slaats - Lecturer EdTech


After taking the minor Educational Technology (EdTech), you will learn the challenges of the ever-changing world of technology-based learning, teaching and training. This is due to the practical, project-based approach to conceptualizing, building and deploying digital resources. You can think about the possibilities of technology in education, you are able to validate these ideas and bring them to a proof of concept. You know the problems of rolling out technology in education and can deal with it in an entrepreneurial way.

Schools rely heavily on the Internet and other forms of digital technologies to support teaching and learning. Mobile technologies and online courses have revolutionized the way information is delivered. Schools are still in dire need of new teachers who become technology thought leaders and role models for integrating meaningful 21st century technologies into the curriculum. Prospective graduates who are able to apply teaching and learning pedagogies to new technological developments will develop a competitive advantage in the labor market.

This minor focuses on real life cases, guest lectures, inspiring working methods and, above all, doing a lot. The minor was set up in collaboration with our Partners in Innovation and relevant players in the field, as well as a number of Fontys services and institutes. In addition, it is strongly intertwined with Surf's national acceleration agenda (link) where the innovative use of ICT to improve Dutch education is the objective. The curriculum therefore fits in well with the great demand from practice.

We also observe an idea of poverty when it comes to new educational technological solutions. Or too much is thought from the perspective of the technique instead of the didactics.

Topics covered include for example:

  • Instructional Design
  • Design thinking
  • Prototyping
  • Concept validation
  • Technology
  • Business case studies
  • User experience / Usability
  • Possibilities of technology in education Product development

In the minor EdTech, students from various backgrounds work together and learn from each other. This is mainly because they come from different didactic and pedagogical backgrounds. That gives a rich insight into the field first hand. As a student you work with practical examples from startups and other major players from the EdTech world and you test your own ideas for educational technologies, thereby validating the feasibility. We also expect you to look outside the walls of the program at events or congresses. (Co-organized from the acceleration agenda) Outside also comes in; guest speakers are the rule rather than the exception.

In the minor you are invited to develop your entrepreneurial skills, take initiatives and bring about changes that create value for people and society. You learn to bridge the gap between education and ICT; multidisciplinary collaboration by thinking interdisciplinary. You will work independently and practically, where the knowledge is gained and deployed from multiple disciplines. Startup validation and the possibilities of the EdTech acceleration agenda living labs are used to test the ideas.

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This is a brand-new minor. Depending on the registrations, the language will of instruction will be English or Dutch. For more information, please contact Erdinç Saçan: