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Embrace Technology Entrepreneurship and Creativity

Do you have an idea to improve the world?

Does your idea have an impact on the environment? Curious about the technology that can play a role in this? Interested 3D-printing, Virtual Reality, Robotica or Internet of things? Develop yourself as a social entrepreneur and enjoy a half year of field trips.

The future needs students who:

  • Are able to solve complex problems
  • Are eager to develop their creative potential
  • Can think out of the box
  • Enjoy working in an international multidisciplinary team

“I get a lot of energy out of working with such a wide variety of students not only different majors, but also different cultures, personalities and vibes.”

Niels Roelofs - Minor co-ordinator Embrace TEC


After many fieldtrips to innovative and technological companies and lectures of futurists, creative, entrepreneurial and innovative people, you will be free to develop the main project of the minor. Individual or together with students from another discipline.

During The Future Solution you will design for a so-called global challenge, in which a product is developed with a great impact on the user. In a process of 12 weeks you will follow the steps of design thinking and at the same time use your experiences of the previous meaningful challenge (drone, VR, Internet of Things). Every week represents a part of a step in the design thinking process. You are constantly in contact with your target group, design a product with impact and end the future solution with a prototype that is ready for the world to be used.

If your future solution is ready to be launched, we can guide you to connect you to the Fontys centre of entrepreneurship. So, you will be able to graduate on your own future solution.


The field of work associated with this minor is very wide, because the minor brings students from different programs together. For example, you can design a jacket for blind people, together with a student of the fashion academy. Where the fashion student takes care of the design, you are able to develop the ICT that helps the blind to scan the environment.

Think of the entire Brainport region, the TU/e and sectors such as Health, Technology, Industry, Informatics, Food, etc. Brainport is interested in students who are not only good at their own field, but who can also collaborate with other disciplines.

During the minor there is always an opportunity to get in contact with a company that may be of interest to you. During this minor, already several students have been offered an internship or graduation project.


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No technical background? Don’t worry.

Examns: No! Portfolio: Yes

Level of English? Dont’ worry, you’ll learn to speak it very quickly.

Focus on your unique talent? Yes, extremely important.

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