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Future Media

You want to do more than merely collect study credits. Think along in our Designhouse (Catharinaplein, Eindhoven) with journalists, communication professionals, economists and artists about the future of media. Develop concepts that truly have an impact on people. Courtesy of, among others, your curiosity, open-mindedness and skills.

“This minor is a big adventure full of creativity. Finally you get the freedom to think outside the box. I’d truly recommend it to anyone who thinks differently!”

Mathijs van der Palen - student HBO-ICT, study programme ICT & Media Design)


Why do people do what they do? What effect do media have on this? That’s what you are going to do research on, within a clear framework that challenges you to let the creative juices flow and to give those media your personal touch. You have an urge to write and tell your own stories together with other thinkers and makers who want to try new things.

Working together with, among others, VPRO, de Persgroep, RTL and ANP in the Fontys FutureMediaLab, this minor is the ultimate way to enhance your understanding of media. This minor stands for developing innovative media concepts together, along with leading companies and a team of teachers, in a research environment.


The minor Future Media is meant for creative HBO-ICT students who would like to find out how they can be of additional value to a team of students of Communication, Art, Journalism and Economics.

After finishing this minor, you will have acquired skills in the field of design thinking, innovative design, creative thinking and ‘state of the art’ knowledge of what is relevant in the 4 disciplines outside of your own field.



We humans know that life is not endless. We all know this but at the same time we do not know what awaits us after this life. In the end, you only die once, so nobody lives to tell the tale what happens next!

This makes death a scary and mysterious thing that raises questions about the meaning of life and the truth about what happens after death. A phenomenon that has been well documented is the so-called near-death-experience. These stories often show similarities, but there are also a lot of religious and cultural differences.

The installation ‘Passage’ deals with the magic of near-death-experiences. By means of a multi-sensory, immersive experience, the visitor experiences the process of almost-dying. The process has been stripped from any prescribed or religious meaning.


You’re probably familiar with it: cousins staring at their smartphones at a party, friends who are endlessly checking Facebook on a night out, or almost running someone over because you’re too busy with your phone.

Sucked into that black screen, everyone is on social media together – and still alone. Together Alone.

Students of the Fontys FutureMediaLab show visitors how their digital identity is becoming blurred through the mass use of social media by means of an installation called STRP SHARE. The installation ‘TOGETHER ALONE’ makes a 3D scan and a 3D model of visitors. This digital version of the visitor appears on a screen, at first very detailed but gradually fading into a more square and cubicled version of themselves, a metaphor for the fading of your digital identity.

The name Together Alone is a reference to Shelly Turkle’s Alone Together. The book describes the emergence of a new form of loneliness at the hands of the use of new technology.


Mondo takes you on a culinary trip around the world. You are being presented with culinary specialties from over the whole world by means of interactive tables and the occulus rift. And …. you will be surprised by not getting any meat, but rather insects. The latter one is the ultimate solution to the food shortage and environmental problems all over the world.

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Deadline for registration:

Fall Semester 2020: 30 June 2020.

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