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ICT & Cyber Security

The internet knows many threats, from hacking and malware threats to cyber spying. Because of the many forms of cybercrime, the demand for skilled security specialists who can improve the security of computer systems is growing. This encompasses conducting pentests, digital forensics, setting up monitoring environments and other forms of security engineering. More knowledge about security is also a valuable asset for students who graduate on a main route.

"Cyber space is a battlefield"

Casper Schellekens - Docent ICT & Cyber Security


The minor Cyber Security deals with advanced hacking techniques, IT forensics, threat detection and security engineering

The course advanced hacking techniques takes up reverse engineering, which is at the heart of malware analysis, exploit development and vulnerability assessment.

In ‘Hack of the Week’ we apply these techniques to analyse new security incidents (together).

IT forensic research is all about finding digital traces in computer systems and smartphones, as well as online through open source research.

Threat detection teaches you techniques you can use to detect threats, attacks and malicious behaviour.

The prof assignmen is about security engineering and requires setting up new IT systems, in a safe manner: better known as Security by Design. Next to that the student chooses his or her own specialisation course of study, depending on how he or she wants to develop his or her skills as an ICT professional. This ranges from anywhere between a cyber security specialist like an ethical hacker or an IT forensic investigator and a more profile centred specialism that touches security aspects like a software engineer security or (business) security consultant.


Examples of professions in the ICT are pentester, malware or IT threat analyst, security systems engineer, software engineer security or security consultant.
Well known companies in this field are Rabobank, Snow Unix specialists, Madison Gurkha, Onsight Solutions and Simac.

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Enrolment deadline
Minor Fall Semester 2020: 30 June 2020 through ProgressWWW.

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