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ICT & Open Innovation

ICT & Open Innovation is our most open specialisation. ICT & Open Innovation offers a lot of freedom and self-management. Of course this freedom isn’t non-commital! Within certain boundaries, you can decide what on which level and how you want to learn. To manage this you will create a competence document which contains your ambition in development described in competences and how you would like to achieve them. To provide this with a meaningful vehicle for learning we offer challenges from partners in education who will act as an external stakeholder. This way you can address topics which aren’t available in other curricula.

It is possible to create your own challenge and pitch it to the population. Offcourse this challenge has to be approved and an external stakeholder has to be found.

It is possible to work on more challenges at one. Work is mainly done in groups supervised by coaches.

With freedom of choice comes great responsibility

Eric Slaats


Basically everything in IT is possible!

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This specialisationminor is accessible for students, who have at least followed 1 semester of Open Innovation in their second year and have also done their internship in Open Innovation.

This minor is also accessible for students, that have followed ICT & Lifestyle and want to graduate in ICT & Lifestyle.

Deadline for registration:

Fall 2020: 30 June 2020 via ProgressWWW.