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Academic preparation

This specialization is dedicated for students who are interested in a Master at the Tue or at the JADS. The main benefit for you is that you can immediately start your Master program at the Tue or JADS after your Bachelor graduation at Fontys.

The student should realize that this specialization (and accompanying minors) has a higher study load and abstraction level than the regular routes.

If you are interested in a JADS master:

If you are interested in a Tue master:


The program consists of the following courses:

  • logic & set theory
  • automata & formal languages
  • calculus
  • data science
  • data structures & algorithms
  • security
  • computer science research

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You are admitted to this specialization when all these requirements are fulfilled:

  • you have passed the calculus course 2DL00 at the Tue
    (note: the costs for this course is 100 euro)
  • You must have a G (Good) or O (Outstanding) for all semesters
  • the pre-master coordinator has given a positive advice

As there is a lot of programming in this Specialization, we advise students from a B-, I-, or M-profile to validate that they have sufficient software skills.


Besides the enrollment in the Fontys administrative systems ("ProgressWWW"), you have to be enrolled at the Tue as well. Enrollment for the Tue is executed by the pre-master coordinator. Contact him in an early stage to ensure a smooth study plan (e.g. at the beginning of your 2nd semester).

The course 2DL00 is typically done in the 2nd semester. Enrollment of 2DL00 is done by contacting the pre-master coordinator in week 18 of the Fall semester (note that 2DL00 is only taught in the Spring semester).

For more information about this programme, contact Joris Geurts, e-mail: