ICT & Management and Security

Offering, managing and securing ICT is quite a challenge, especially with the increasingly new user devices, uses, new ICT technology and a variety of security requirements that are demanded of systems. Quickly and effectively preventing breakdowns has also become a major aspect of our digital world.

‘The digital world in control’

Frank Haverkort - Programme Manager ICT & Management and Security


At ICT & Management and Security you learn what is done to make all systems properly operational. You gain insight into how you have to work in multidisciplinary teams in order to ensure that all systems (software and hardware) function properly and how to include changes and new developments. This is why we work in multidisciplinary teams as much as possible for the main assignment. You will learn from and with each other and will use your knowledge and expertise and expand it to make a project successful. This gives you a complete image of what has to happen in the background to let end users work with the right information and the right information systems.

The work you will do in the main assignment will also fit in well with your basic study programme.

For instance, a software-engineer will learn via this specialisation to get a broader view of the software developments by including the rollout and maintenance of the software in the main assignment. In addition, security aspects are already taken into account at an early stage in the development of the software. We also look at development methods such as DevOps.

Via this specialisation the Media designer learns to establish awareness campaigns for various target groups on arranging security communication for the proper use of ICT and user support.

The Technology student learns how manufactured products are rolled out and maintained with a focus on security aspects and about the lifecycle of manufactured products. Just think of the Internet of Things (IoS) and security.

Finally, the Business student learns to make the link with IT service management. Attention is paid to making analyses for information protection (including cost/benefit analyses) and advice is given on how service management and security can be embedded in an organisation.

More information about this specialisation can be found in the Canvas courses:

• MS-A

• MS-B


A data leak or an IT outage can cost a company a lot of money or damage to its reputation. That’s why there is a growing demand for skilled professionals in the field of ICT security. You will be trained to become an ICT Service Manager, Information Security Officer and ICT Innovation Manager. Next to that, the training is also a valuable investment for IT consultants.


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