The Rules

PLEASE NOTE: The information about the specialisations in this 'Choice guide' applies only to students in academic year 2019/2020 who are in semester 3 or higher!

Students who are now in the 1st or 2nd semester follow the new curriculum. The old curriculum will be phased out. We make sure that students in semester 3 or higher who want to graduate in a specialisation, get that opportunity. The information regarding specialisations for students in semester 1 or 2 will soon be available in the Study Navigator.

Two options and consequences for graduation:

Main study programme leading:

  • Free choice 2nd year specialisation (1 or 2 semesters)
  • Internship based on your study programme (B, S or T)
  • Final phase free choice minor (also external)*
  • Graduation based on your study programme

* for more information about various kinds of possible minors, see Chapters Minors in this guide.

Graduation in a specific specialisation:

Possible graduation routes specialisation leading:

  • ICT & Applied Data Science
  • ICT & Cyber Security
  • ICT & Education (not accessible for students English Stream)
  • ICT & Game Design and Technology
  • ICT & Management and Security
  • ICT & Smart Mobile
  • ICT & Open Innovation

If you want to graduate in a specialisaton:

  • You have to follow both semesters specialisation in 2nd year
  • Internship based on your specialisation
  • Final phase specialisation minor*
  • Graduation based on specialisation

* for more information about specialisation minors, see Chapter Minors in this guide.

Other route:

  • Academic preparation for either Technical University Eindhoven, JADS or Tilburg University.

Rules specialisations

In the 2nd year you can choose a different specialisation per semester. Admission to specialisaton minor is only possible when at least 1 semester of that specialisation has been followed and obtained in the second year.

A student may follow a specialisation minor if he/she has followed at least 1 semester of that specialisation in the second year. A student can graduate in that particular specialisation, provided he/she has completed and obtained 2 semesters of this specialisation in the second year and has completed his/her internship in the field of that specialisation.

Please note: These are 2 separate things: not all students that follow a specialisation minor also graduate in that specialisation!


ICT & Education: It's not possible to start with ICT & Education this fall, due to the new Curriculum Architecture. Besides that, ICT & Education only applicable for Dutch students.

Academic prepartion (AV), leading to Transfer Minors HBO-ICT to University:

  • Transfer minor HBO-ICT to TU Eindhoven: MSC in Software Engineering. Only admissable if you have followed and obtained both semesters AV in your second year.
  • Transfer minor HBO-ICT to Tilburg University: MSC in Information Management:
    • B-students do not need AV1 and AV2 in semester 3 and 4 and can choose what they want.
    • S-students have to follow and obtain AV1 and AV2.

Consequences number of registrations:

In the year 2019-2020 the following specialisations will definitely be offered:

  • Academic preparation (pre-Master)
  • ICT & Education (not admissable for students English Stream)
  • ICT & Management and Security
  • ICT & Open Innovation

In case less than 18 students registered in a specialisation, this specialisation will not be executed as an independant graduation programme.

Students will then have the following options:

  1. You choose a different specialisation or
  2. You choose ICT & Open Innovation. In this learning environment you can still follow the classes of the specialisation originally

Admission to the final phase specialisation minor only when at least 2 semesters of this specialisation have been followed in the 2nd year.


What if number of students within a specialiation now is > 18, but next semester < 18? Will this specialisation be closed and do I have to go to ICT & Open Innovation, or will this specialisation be continued until the 4th year with less than 18 participants?

As soon as the number of participants becomes < 18, you can still follow the specialisaton of your choice, only this will be within the learing environment of ICT & Open Innovation.

What if for a certain specialisation there are 2 registrations for location Tilburg and 16 for Eindhoven?

This would mean, there are insufficient registrations for this specialisation and you will have to go to ICT & Open Innovation. It is possible, that in this case, the management decides that it will be given in Eindhoven only for everyone.


As from September 2017 specialisations are being given both in Eidnhoven and in Tilburg. Exceptions are:

  • Academic preparation: only in Eindhoven
  • ICT & Education: only in Tilburg (not for students English Stream)

For all other specialisations, the minimum number of registrations of 18 determines wheter a specialisation will be given in Eindhoven or in Tilburg.


  • Make a choice and register via ProgressWWW.
  • You’ll receive an email with an instruction how to register.
  • Final deadline for registration: Sunday 10 May 2020 (end school week 11)
  • Please register in time for your preferred specialisation. If you are late, you risk that your specialiosation is fully booked and that you cannot be placed anymore in your preferred specialisation. Officially you can only start then half a year later.
  • After the deadline of 10 May 2020, your choice made at registration cannot be changed anymore.


Educational material in specialisation classes will be offered in English language. In case we have groups of students without a single international student, the conducted language ofcourse may be Dutch (teacher decides), but educational materials remain prepared in English.

Ask the programme managers specialisation if you need more information than you can get through this digital brochure. You can find the programme managers specialisation below.