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Data Driven Business Lab

English language only.

Are you triggered by what data can do for the world we live in, or willing to learn? Unlock doors and peek into the complex and exiting world of companies riding the perfect wave!

In the minor “Data Driven Business Lab” we have laid out a landscape in which you can define individual goals, competencies and personal skills, working in a team of international diversity. Focus on your own qualities and strive for excellence and adventure!

Join this Minor if you want to see, in real life what the impact of data can be for a company or government. Learn how it can support, change or even disrupt business models.

Imagine any company, not so many years ago. This company generated its own data and reports, based on its trusted single source and examining the past. Yet the world this company lived in geared up, moved on, moved up. Now everything is generating data, from phone calls to smart devices, from blogs to video feeds. The world now is a complex challenge, where data is available, abundant and everywhere, and internal company data is but part of the new truth.

Can these datasets be unlocked, combined and used for potential business benefit? Can they trigger many small decisions fast instead of large decisions at snail pace…

A change of mindset and context: that is what we are going to discover together.

Experience how data helps organisations perfom better and find out your role in this field of work by getting in the groove with your talents!

Bart van Gennip - Minor coordinator Data Driven Business Lab


What we offer

  • A real and authentic assignment in this field of work at renowned companies – you choose which project to take.
  • You can apply for a project or inject your own suitable project, the requirements can be discussed (complexity and required knowledge).
  • No “lesson program”(!) We will help you set up your personal learning activities.
  • Guidance to help you decide which skills and practical knowledge is needed to finish your project and meet your learning goals.
  • No limitation to what you could learn.
  • Guidance and coaching throughout your project to keep you on track
    • from a dedicated coach
    • from the company where your project is
    • from experts, on specific subjects

What we Expect

  • A self-aware student, who takes control of his/her study and wants to explore the field of Data Driven Business; Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Visualisation.
  • You are able to set your own goals and plan your own progress; coaches help you in order to get to the desired level for this Minor. You are in the lead which workshops lead to the result and completion of these goals.
  • You have a basic understanding of business processes, the role and application of IT in companies and within business processes.
  • You have an open mind to explore new possibilities, software and dare to fail, learning from that experience and grow in your professional performance.
  • You want to work on your professional skills, like communication, presenting, working in groups, open mindedness, project management, (peer)feedback, etc.


The learning goals:

  • The student will be able to explain how data is flowing through an organisation and which applications support the business processes and can show this within a project.
  • The student will be able to explain how KPI's and data visualisation effect the business processes and can show KPI's and data visualisations within a project.
  • The student can explain the general Big Data Concepts and/or Blockchain Concepts, and is able to apply those principles within a project.
  • The student can talk about internal and external information, which has an impact on a company and can use this (open) data within a project.
  • The student can analyse a dataset by applying basic descriptive statistics techniques

The student is able to take ownership, be coachable and show resilience.


Organisations come in all shapes, sizes and maturity levels, though they all know that using data (smarter, better and faster) to drive their processes is future. The field of work for a data practitioner is really divers. Getting used to the tooling, languages and speed of change is possible in the projects we offer in this Lab.


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Admission Requirements:

Before you can start this minor you must have passed your foundation degrees (propaedeutic) and you must have finished an internship. This is needed for the practical knowledge of how businesses are run, which is an insight in business processes.

To successfully take part in this minor it is necessary to have at least a basic knowledge of applied IT, and the most common tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Knowledge about databases, tables and questioning those databases with SQL is a plus. If you do not have this knowledge you can apply for an educational activity created for this. This will bring you to the minimal required level of knowledge.

This study is using “Bring Your Own Device” as standard, a laptop is a minimal requirement.

For more information, please contact Bart van Gennip |