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Global Acting in IT

Innovation in international learning spaces

Do you have a global mindset? Do you consider yourself a global citizen? Are you interested in international IT aspects and in foreign cultures? Would you like to experience this in projects and international classrooms abroad?

Then you might be interested in this new minor ‘Global Acting in IT’.

Together with four international partner universities, Fontys School of ICT developed a minor programme of one semester (30 Ects). The participating universities are located in: Spain, South-Africa, Belgium, Austria and The Netherlands of course. The minor consists of six blocks in total, contributing to a central theme with a local specialism. You can choose to travel to three or to all four of the locations abroad and attend their block of three weeks locally. You can also choose to stay at home for a certain block and participate remotely. For this, an online learning environment and/or virtual classroom will be used. The first block runs at your home university.

The aim of this minor is to combine international IT aspects and trends in IT with intercultural aspects, and to actually experience this in an international setting. Companies attached to the universities will be participating in the blocks co-creating and defining the projects. The minor is only offered in the Fall semester.

“People who have international experience are better problem solvers and display more creativity. What’s more, research shows that people with this international experience are more likely to create new business and to be promoted.”

Ineke Huyskens - minor co-ordinator Global Acting in IT


Globalisation started a while back and changed societies, economies and personal lives, calling for new competencies suited for the 21st Century. In the last few years we saw the advent of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, it has arrived and it is here to stay.
Students work together in international groups on an overarching project of a semester. The theme of the project is related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The three keystones of the programme are:

  1. Intercultural awareness and practice
  2. International collaboration and experience
  3. ICT in an international perspective against the backdrop of the 4th Industrial Revolution

The (learning) objectives of the minor are:

  • Creating responsive ICT professionals: adaptive, resilient, innovative and responsible.
  • Global Citizenship & Intercultural Awareness
  • Communication and collaboration across borders.
  • The student can study and work on real life projects in an international environment and choose for 3 or 4 blocks abroad, so in total 9 or 12 weeks abroad.

The areas of expertise in this minor are:

Block 0: Start up
Block 1: UX (Lleida, Spain)
Block 2: Data Science (Pretoria, South Africa)
Block 3: AI (Hasselt, Belgium)
Block 4: Cyber Security (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
Block 5: IoT (Linz, Austria)
Block 6: Round off


IT is by all means a global field of knowledge. In the Brainport area where Fontys School of ICT is located we already have a mingle of talents from all over the world working together on all kinds of challenges. It is very likely to assume that a starting ICT professional will enter a multi cultural working environment.

Therefore more employers are specifically requiring international and intercultural experience from their employees. Developing intercultural competencies and experiencing diversity is a part of modern global citizenship and corresponds with the worldwide Sustainable Development Goals.

Transversal skills are becoming a must for a professional working in IT.

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Due to Covid-19 the participating group of universities will decide in which particular mode the minor program GA in IT will be offered: on the spot, online or hybrid.

For more information about the minor: Ineke Huyskens

For more information about the programme: Casper Schellekens

Links to the materials such as Block book will be following soon.